Sunday, May 24, 2015

An Open Letter of Thanks to All Who Participated in the Seaside Artists Association Open Studios Tour

Saturday, May 9th, 2015 was a success for the Seaside Artists Association as a whole, and for me personally as an artist participating in the Open Studios tour for the first time. I’d like to express my gratitude for Sandra Gray and all responsible for organizing and coordinating this event, and for all of you who visited my home studio.

Three dozen individuals (including a few toddlers and a dog) visited me on Saturday. I was delighted to meet each one, especially when given the opportunity to not only display my artwork but to actually discuss the process by which I created it.

It's true that some of my artwork contain sexual themes, and some elements of implied or actual violence and abuse. I realize that some persons might not think that my art is for them. Of course, I’m sensitive to those whose view is that their hard-earned dollars were better spent elsewhere than in purchasing and hanging on their walls provocative and controversial artwork.

“Go with what you know,” is an often-repeated formula for writers. That same dictum can be applied to visual artists as well. These subjects of which we speak are unfortunately things of which I have some knowledge, as do too many of us in our society. One of the main threads that run through much of my work is that we as a society create our monsters. They are more real than the vampires and zombies of popular culture because we create them from individuals we destroy as persons through neglect, inequality and abuse.

However, I also have knowledge of resistance, persistence and personal victory – through education, art and writing. My mission is to awaken and tap into the creative aspect of people to overcome the creation of monsters and preserve the dignity of being human.

I've found my artistic voice in telling the story of the Hero’s Journey through my art.

The hero or heroine spends some time in pretty awful, dark places before he emerges into the light. A crucial aspect of the hero’s journey is that he not only overcomes – dragons, demons, physical adversity, fear, abuse – but having overcome, he returns to from where he started with the knowledge and abilities he’s acquired and the friends and allies he’s met along the way to help others on their journey.

I want my art to speak of this. Moreover, the Hero’s Journey is not taken only once for all time. It’s started anew. And it is celebrated in song, story -- and in art. I would say, take the exhilarating plunge with me, buy some provocative and controversial art, hang it on your walls – and provoke some interest and controversy.

There's more interesting art on the way. I have enough inspiration in my head to keep me going a long time. To help in this regard, in the coming weeks and months I’ll be creating a new Behance/Prosite website solely for the purpose of displaying my art for sale. You’ll even be able to purchase my art online directly off the website.

I’ll also still retain my current website at, linked to my new website, but functioning as a true blog for discussing the process of making art, as well as an archive of older compositions in private collections. So many visitors on Saturday expressed an interest in how my art is made, where I get my ideas and inspiration, etc. So, in the meantime, please visit it early and often as I make the improvements and changes.

Three of my compositions are currently on display at the Monterey Peace and Justice Center (1364 Fremont, Seaside) through the month of May. Another will be at the Medusa's Emporium and Gallery (1219 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove) beginning June 16th. 

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